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Department of Cultural Studies

Representatives (Beauftragte)

For each and every question and problem there is an appropriate contact person to help you out. The students of the English & American studies and the cultural studies program can take their questions and concerns to a delegated person for their issue. See below to find out who best to talk to.

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There is a contact person for the concerns of foreign students in Faculty 15. If you have any questions or problems regarding your studies at TU Dortmund University, recognition of equivalent examinations or other questions related to your status, please contact Sibylle Klemm.

For general information and details regarding planning and carrying out your study abroad, please see the Stay Abroad page.

In the following you will find the representatives of the various exchange programs of the chairs for English and American studies.


For further Information about ERASMUS+ see the hompage here

The following Erasmus coordinators are avaliable for you:

Persons of contact for Angewandten Studiengänge:

Exchange with English speaking places

Cyprian Piskurek is the subject coordinator for English and American Studies.

The subject coordinator is

  • involved in the examination board,
  • contact person for the university administration,
  • examination clerk for the subject,
  • communicator for changes, processes & procedures in the general course of studies.

If you have any questions about equal status, please contact the Equal Opportunities Officer of Faculty 15, Marie Hologa.
Stand-in:  Sandra Danneil.

Bachelor LABG 2009 / 2016

Master LABG 2009 / 2016



TU Dortmund University has a central complaint management system and a corresponding position in all 16 faculties. In Faculty 15, as a multi-subject faculty, there are also complaints managers in the individual teaching units, see above under Module Representatives.
The general rule for the majority of all complaints is that they can usually be resolved unbureaucratically with the people involved. Therefore, if you have any problems in a course, please always first contact the lecturer or the relevant module representative.
If the matter has not been resolved in this way, you can contact the Complaints Management department in English. This is supervised by subject coordinators Fabian Esleben.