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Department of Cultural Studies

Academic Center

Office Hours Semester Break (SoSe 23)

In-Person, always 16:00 - 17:00 on these dates:

  • Mo. 24.07.
  • Mo. 31.07.
  • Fr. 11.08.
  • Mo. 14.08.
  • Fr. 08.09.
  • Fr. 15.09.
  • Fr. 22.09.
  • Fr. 29.09.

Digital (via Zoom): prior arrangement via email


Room: 3.218

Note: Emails cannot always be answered immediately and it may take a few days to get back to you.

What is the Academic Center?

The Academic Center consists of tutors who provide methodical, linguistic, and organizational support with your written works, research, and presentations.

The tutors are students who have been selected based upon their excellent achievement and skillset. They offer regular office hours. If you are having difficulties or questions during your writing process of an essay, term paper, final thesis, or response cards  then feel welcome to give the Academic Center a visit! We are also glad to help answer your questions about the module exams and test preparation.

The Academic Center is exclusively to support students in learning and strengthening their academic writing skills. You visit to the Academic Center has no influence on the grade you receive for the essay, paper, or presentation other than that will will advise you to our best ability. We do not grade the works that you bring to us, but rather work with you on improvements that will help strengthen you work. 

Note: If you are coming to us with a longer term paper or thesis, we cannot always provide a complete correction due to time constraints, but rather answer specific questions and provide general feedback as to improvements. 

Office Hours

Office hours will take place in-person. You can come to any in-person office hours without a prior appointment, but we can also offer times outside of the regular office hours with prior appointment.

Additionally, we are offering digital meetings via Zoom. Please email us if you would like to receive a link for a meeting.

Furthermore, we are offering a special office hour with our Linguistics expert who is able to help with more specific questions and problems with essays and papers for courses in linguistics. 

Feel free to consult the Essay Checklist before reaching out to us.

Note: The demand for corrections and help is especially high during the end of the semester and as deadlines approach. We do our best to help everyone as much as we can, but due to time constraints we cannot always discuss your papers in detail.  It will be more helpful for you to contact us as early as possible before the final deadline.



Here you can download the new Stylesheet (October 2017) which will help you with your structure, writing, and citations. It is based upon the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (8th edition). Please note that teachers of the respective teams may have different requirements that vary from the stylesheet. If you are unsure, please ask the teacher for their requirements - especially in linguistic courses.