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Dortmund Doubles

Application deadline for the Dortmund Doubles ISP 2024: 02.05 to Amelie Köster

The Dortmund Doubles Program brings American and international exchange students and Dortmund students together every semester. The idea behind this is to make it easier for incoming international students to start their time in Dortmund and to establish social contacts and friendships. The Dortmund doubles have the opportunity to learn something firsthand about American culture and to look at their own culture from a new perspective. The program takes place during the semester and is especially active in June & July during the International Summer Program.

TU Dortmund Doubles and their international partner students during the 2017 4th of July BBQ in a park. © TU Dortmund
Doubles 4th of July BBQ 2017
TU Dortmund Doubles and their international student partners on top of the U building during the 2018 city tour. © TU Dortmund
Doubles City tour Dortmund U 2018

As a Dortmund Double you will have the opportunity to get to know an American or international student better. In addition to learning more about them, you will also be able to learn about cultural and personal differences and peculiarities, such as holidays, family traditions and the university system. The double is an international student, often from the USA, and these connections typically form into long-term friendships.

In addition, of course, the participants also have a lot of fun with the group activities, such as excursions and celebrations, which the doubles plan and organize together. In the last semesters this meant, for example: Christmas dinner, a visit to the Christmas market, a Halloween party with pumpkin carving, a big 4th of July party or a BBQ, trips to Cologne, Münster etc., museum night / night of industrial culture, pub and kiosk tours through Dortmund, Carnival celebrations, public viewing etc ...

Although this is a voluntary activity and your main aim is to get to know exchange students and get involved in life on campus, we will also issue a certificate of attendance for you if you are interested. The certificate can, among other things, be credited towards the International Studies certificate and can be requested from Ms. Gaß shortly after the semester in which the participation took place.

TU Dortmund Doubles and their international partnet students gathered together during the Boßeln Event 2018. © TU Dortmund
Doubles Boßeln 2018

For many exchange students, their first semester abroad at TU Dortmund is often the first long stay abroad, the first time in Germany or Dortmund, and maybe also the first trip all alone. As you may know from personal experiences abroad, this is sure to be a challenge for the international students and you can help them out! Of course, our incoming students not only want to get to know the TU Dortmund and attend courses, but also learn something about the city, region, people and, above all, student life. In groups of two German students each (possibly only one person in the ISP) you will therefore be the first German contact person for the international student. You will help to make the exchange semester and the start of their studies as pleasant as possible. If you want to take part, your tasks include picking up and looking after the international student, especially during the first few weeks, and organizing an excursion / event for everyone. In addition, we and above all the exchange students expect that they will be able to keep in touch with you for the duration of the semester and that you will be at their side if they have problems as well as to help them establish contact with others. Participation is a task with a lot of responsibility, but above all you and the exchange students should have a lot of fun and make new contacts!

Application Form

Application deadline for the Dortmund Doubles ISP 2024: 02.05 to Amelie Köster

If you have decided that becoming a Dortmund Double is just right for you,  you are welcome to contact us or simply fill out an application for the relevant semester. Due to the high level of interest, we unfortunately cannot guarantee (especially those who have already participated) that you will receive a place in the program right away; so keep the ISP program or the next semester in mind! The selection is based on your application, but above all by matching your interests, subjects, and information with those of the respective exchange students. The more information you reveal about yourself, the better. It is also important that at least one of the two German doubles is there to pick up the student from the airport / train station and bring them to the dormitory. In the winter semester, the students arrive at the beginning of September, in the summer semester they arrive in the first week of March and for the ISP at the beginning of June.

Every semester there is a compulsory information event at which we will inform you about the process and the events and answer your questions after you have been successfully accepted into the program. This appointment takes place approximately three to four weeks before the arrival of the students in order to provide enough time for an individual arrangement to be coordinated.

Application Form (ISP 2024)