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Schäufele's two BLOCK classes "The Union at Risk" and "What is German" ­– offered within the program of the International Summer School (ISP) – have to be cancelled.

As an alternative, our visiting scholar from UVA, Elliott Niblock, offers an additional Hauptseminar. This course, which is offered to international students who are part of the summer program, is especially recommended for students of the Angewandte Studiengänge. Lehramt students cannot be credited for their course of studies.


154677 | "Poets, Philosophers, Musicians: Important Moments in Twentieth Century German Culture" (2 HS)

Block: 03.06. - 15.07.2024 | Mo 16:00 - 19:15 Uhr | Room 0.420

For centuries, Germany has produced world-renowned poets, philosophers, and musicians, ranging from Goethe to Bach, Kant to Hegel. In this course, however, we will focus on a handful of more recent luminaries from these three genres across the span of the Twentieth Century, looking at six different figures within their own historical contexts: Rainer Maria Rilke, Hermann Hesse, Walter Benjamin, Hannah Arendt, Nina Hagen, and Peter Fox. In addition to learning about the life and work of each of these figures, you will also learn about the historical contexts in wR. 0420hich they lived, including fin de siècle Germany, Berlin in the Weimar Period, the rise of Nazism and the flight into exile of German-Jewry, how culture flourished on both sides of what Churchill called “the iron curtain” during the Cold War in both the BRD or West Germany and the DDR or East Germany, and finally the challenges, as well as the fruits, of multiculturalism following the fall of the wall and reunification in the 1990’s and into the Twenty-First Century.

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